Can I Enlarge my Penis with Just My Hands?

You don’t want your partner to find strange enlargement devices like penis pumps and extenders at home hidden in some cabinet in the cellar or buy expensive pills that don’t work at all? Many men are searching for discreet ways for gaining length and girth and with the right training and exercises, using only your hands, it’s possible.

Penis lengthening and enlargement in history

In ancient Greece and Rome everything was different from today, a small penis was considered a mark of intelligence and having a big penis meant the gods didn’t favor you. Basically, men with a big penis were considered to be a little dumb and primitive, the reason why almost all statues from this time depict men with a small penis.

In many other cultures, a large manhood was a symbol for fertility, in Japan for example sculptures of giant penises are part of public ceremonies till today, they are even carried through the streets and touching them promised increased fertility.

The roots of penis enlargement are probably in the ancient Maya civilization, at least some depictions and traditions from this time hint to certain herbs being used to increase potency and penis size, although modern science knows this didn’t work, at least as far as sizing up is concerned. Many sellers of shady pills still refer to those Mayan myths.

In northern Africa, hanging weights was used over centuries as a technique for enlargement, often publically displayed without shame. Today we know that this traditional method works, but has serious side effects like a thinner penis, erectile problems, a really long foreskin, it doesn’t result in a longer and thicker penis.

In Arab countries, probably originating in Persia, the tradition of jelqing, often misspelled as jelquing, developed. It’s the only ancient technique that really works well and gives solid results if done on a regular basis. Jelqing is a penis massage done in semi-erect state, many of today’s state-of-the-art  penis enhancement programs are based on refined ancient jelq exercises.

How does jelqing work?

It’s basically penis enlargement by hand First of all, like any workout, the secret of jelqing is repeating exercises and not trying to force things. Never apply to much force, start slowly and always stop if you get a full erection, wait for it to become a little softer again.

Most jelp exercises are done with the so called “ok sign grip”, you are just using your thumbs and your index fingers, rarely your full hand. Most exercises can be either done dry, without lubrication, or as a wet jelq using a mild lotion which doesn’t contain perfume or lube. For beginners, wet jelqing often feels more comfortable and minimizes the risk of skin irritations.

First, a warm up phase is recommended, either have a warm shower or wrap a warm and wet towel around your dick. The perfect erection grade for the following exercises is about 50-75%, jelqing the penis is flaccid state won’t deliver any results. Apply the lube.

Start right at at your public bone with the okay grip, important since you want to achieve even gains, tighten your grip a little and slowly slide your hand forward, ideally you should reach your glans in 4-5 seconds. Never jelq the glans itself this way, there are special exercises including the glans, but the basic jelp stops right before the glans to avoid a loss of sensitivity long term. Keep holding you penis and take your other hand, release the grip of the first hand, repeat with the second hand, then switch again.

At the beginning, a low number of repetitions is recommended, make sure it isn’t painful and you don’t feel uncomfortable. Penis enlargement by hand isn’t rocket science, but don’t expect immediate results and try to force things.

Are additional Kegel exercises useful?

Yes, especially if you want to stay longer in bed, Kegel exercises are a great addition and they can be done everywhere without anyone noticing. The muscles you want to train with these exercises are the pelvic floor muscles, responsible for the ability to stop urination and keep you from passing gas at the wrong moment.

Kegel exercises simply means actively contracting these muscles, holding for a few seconds, then releasing again. You can do this between jelqs or even if you are sitting in office. Doing this several times a day with a few repetitions strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and doesn’t increase sexual control only, it’s also a great prevention of incontinence at higher age, for men and women alike.

Learning which muscles are the right ones may be a little tricky for the first time, the best way is to test is peeing and interrupting in mid-stream, the muscles you feel at this moment are the right ones. Don’t get fooled, while this exercise may feel a little strange first, it’s highly effective and underrated. It’s not a replacement for penis enlargement by hand, no growth, but these exercises have the potential to improve your overall performance dramatically.

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