Can stem cells make my penis grow?

Most methods used for improving length and girth are rather old fashioned, the few promising ways for penis enlargement have been sophisticated over time, but haven’t changed for many years and there are rarely news or promising new approaches. In early 2018 news about stem cell penis enlargement were covered by many mainstream media. A well-known fitness coach who has clients in the UFC, NHL, NBA and NFL and also helps the CEO of several publically traded companies, got a stem cell injection in his penis, also known as stromal vascular fraction treatment.

As a pleasant side effect of this injection of stem cells extracted from his own body fat, which is primarily used as experimental ED treatment, he also recognized some growth of his manhood. Publicity stunt? Reality?

What makes stem cells special?

Regenerative stem cell therapy is a hot medical topic , a lot of companies are investing huge budgets in research because stem cells have an advantage that makes them unique in our body: They are like the shapeshifters you know from science fiction movies and can differentiate into all kinds of specialized cells, they can repair damages in our body, some day in the far future it may be possible to grow new organs, fix nerve damages that can’t be repaired today. It’s already a therapy option for blood cancer.

Nevertheless, today’s stem cell therapy still has some major disadvantages since our immune systems tends to target stem cells as enemies, so effective therapy requires a reduction of the activity of the immune system, often by medication and radiation. Additionally, these stem cells can form tumors. While the list of possible usages and therapies is long and stem cells could revolutionize medicine in the far future, some skepticism as far as experimental therapies like the treatment of erectile dysfunction or penile enlargement are concerned, is certainly wise.

What the state of penis stem cell therapy today?

Stem cell injection treatment is still in a very early stage and so far isn’t approved by the FDA for most purposes, especially not for lifestyle medicine without a proper indication. Risks and possible side effects aren’t huge, but like any injection there are the usual risks of infection. Just because one man who heavily relies on media attention to grow his business claims stem cell penis enlargement works doesn’t mean it really works and so far there are no larger scale studies backing up these claims.

The stem cell hype is understandable, the magic cells it could change and improve our world in many ways, but it’s still too early to tell when there will be significant scientific breakthroughs.

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    1. SPE Post author

      Hi Herbert,

      understandable, although I’d tend to be careful with any sort of invasive technique that wasn’t extensively studied and had no medical approval. Waiting till there is more facts and research available certainly won’t hurt.


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