Do Non-Prescription Potency Remedies work?

According to several statistics, about 30% of all man over the age of 45 more or less suffer from slowly but steadily decreasing potency. The triggers for diminishing sexual stamina are just as diverse as the possibilities to fight them. Erectile dysfunction, short ED, can have physical or psychological causes. On one hand, internal fears, restlessness and nervousness as well as private or job related problems, in addition to conflicts with the partner, are to be mentioned as a psychological reason. Physically, potency problems can arise from high blood pressure, diabetes or beginning arteriosclerosis.

Erectile problems can hint to more severe health issues, so always see a doctor and get an exam to make sure you aren’t suffering from a hidden time bomb like arteriosclerosis that can lead to heart attacks and strokes if untreated for a prolonged time.

How are no prescription potency remedies different from Viagra or Cialis?

Sexual enhancers available without prescription are made of plant extracts in most cases. They don’t contain chemical ingredients, this doesn’t mean they can’t have side effects or can’t cause allergies, but they are relatively harmless compared to the classic PDE5 inhibitors. Over-the-counter (OTC) remedies have one thing in common: they do not harm your health. No prescription drugs can even be taken as aphrodisiacs and to increase sexual performance, without direct potency problems.

These advantages come with some disadvantage as well: The effectiveness of herbal remedies and supplements is significantly lower than their pharmaceutical counterparts, there is no instant effect, it can takes weeks or months till you see small improvements. Additionally, always look at the ingredients, often supplements sold as ED treatment are much more expensive than supplements with the same effect (increased blood flow) that aren’t specifically labeled as stamina or potency remedies.

What are popular herbs used in vegetable supplements for sexual stamina?

Ginseng is a traditional Asian home remedy. It can stimulate the release of the blood vessel-expanding messenger nitric oxide in the erectile tissue of the penis and thus improve the blood circulation and consequently potency. It’s also a popular remedy used for dementia prevention and a proven stress reliever, fighting the psychological causes that are more common than the physical ones

Tribulus Terrestris has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine. It can trigger the release of circulating nitric oxide in the erectile tissue, too and thus help against impotence. Tribulus terrestris also has a positive effect on the hormonal balance, increases sperm production, can improve stamina and is rumored to slightly delay ejaculations. Nevertheless, all those effects aren’t proven scientifically.

The healing power of the Maca root was known to the Incas in South America over 2,000 years ago. Maca has a positive effect on testosterone production, the general mood as well as mental and physical performance. Furthermore, Maca can help to increase endurance during sex and delay ejaculation. A  Chinese Study from 2016 also hints to an anti-fatigue effect. Maca is probably the most popular component of most herbal remedies for men

The amino acid  L-arginine strengthens the immune system and is also activating the vascular nitrogen oxide , improving blood circulation. While the body can produce this amino acid without supplementation, many men lack a sufficient production, especially if you work too much, do a lot of sports or don’t sleep enough.

Zinc is very important for the production of the hormone testosterone, the male sexual hormone. A zinc deficiency also has a negative effect on the libido and can result in weaker erections. Zinc is contained in many foods, especially nuts, seafood and cheese, but compared to other minerals, deficiencies are more common.

Grape Seed Extract  is an antioxidant and thus has the ability to neutralize free radicals, it’s often contained in vegetable potency remedies, although it’s direct effect is controversial.

Do these ingredients really give you stronger and longer lasting erections?

While manufacturers of supplements for men all claim that these herbs and substances have almost magical abilities, there is no real proof from the scientific standpoint. While some doctors say their effect is similar to homeopathy, a placebo effect, other say they have some sort of real effect. There aren’t any reliable studies, except animal testing with mice that may or may not be transferable to humans.

Trying natural remedies doesn’t hurt, but make sure not to get ripped off with overpriced recurring offers and don’t expect miracles. Overall, PDE5 inhibitors aren’t much more expensive if you keep in mind that herbal supplements have to be taken daily or a long period of time, while Viagra or Cialis are taken if you need them. As long as you don’t suffer from health conditions that is a contra indicator for PDE5 inhibitors, they are a proven and highly effective way to ensure maximum sexual performance

2 thoughts on “Do Non-Prescription Potency Remedies work?

  1. Jen80

    I have seen a lot of advertising for Extenze, including commercials on TV, they are also sold at local stores. I wanted to get some for my boyfriend but stubled on your article here. Why is this product so popular and gets so many positivre testimonials if it can’t work, like you claim. Xo, Jen

    1. SPE Post author

      Hi Jen,

      they have a huge marketing budget for sure, but if you look at the history of Extenze, it’s not very promising: 2006 they paid $300.000 in civil penalties for false advertising and bad business practices, 2010 they paid $6.000.000 to settle a class-action lawsuit for false advertising, just a few months ago in 2018 the FDA found undeclared sildenafil (better know as Viagra) in Entenze. Probably mixed in to hide the fact that the, quote “26 pharmaceutical grade compounds” aka herbs contained have zero effect. All those facts can be found in multiple reputable newspapers and on Wikipedia.

      The substance shown on the packaging, “ambesium labidrol”, doesn’t exist at all. It sounds like a real scientific term in latin, but it’s simply made up. It’s not illegal to name something yourself, but it’s pretty obvious this is done to give their herb extracts some sort of scientific approval that doesn’t exist.

      So, judge yourself: A company caught advertising in a deceptive way twice, a product that contains an active substance that doesn’t exist, plus Viagra secretly added to create an effect. Basically means they are putting many people taking these pills at risk if they suffer from heart diseases or medications that have interactions with PDE5 inhibitors. Most people would call this scam or fraud, even the FDA calls it fraud! If you look at their full list of tainted sexual health products, there are quite a few well know products names popping up, so Extenze is just the tip of the iceberg.


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