Glans Enhancement – Penis Head Augmentation

Next to the classic penis enlargement the thickening of the glans, the head of the penis, has established itself as a non-surgical technique. The number of plastic surgeons offering these intradermic natural filler injections is constantly rising, in the US as well as other countries. The goal is the make the glans look bigger, increase the pleasure of the sexual partner and it is often claimed that the filler may also help to reduce sensitivity and fight premature ejaculation this way. While some surgeons publish numbers and statistics of their patients, there are no scientific studies backing up this last claim.

How does it work? Pretty simple, in contrast to a surgical penis enhancement no scalpel will be used, but subcutaneous injection of a filler material, either hyaluronic acid or a special hyaluronic gel. Sounds familiar? It should, this polymer is for example used for lip augementation to plump lips as well, proven to work and pretty reliable, there are quite a few studies that hyaluronic acid isn’t harmful and doesn’t cause any long term damage.

First, local anaesthetic is applied to the glans, usually a lidocaine based numbing cream or spray that’s also the main ingredient of many premature ejaculation remedies. Then the surgeon uses a fine needle to inject the filler step by step.

While these injections aren’t deep, the are still some risks and unwanted side effects: The glans will be swollen for a few days, intercourse is not recommended for the first 5-7 days. The substance must be injected by an experienced surgeon to ensure the injections are done evenly in order to avoid a deformed look of the glans afterwards. Additionally, there is always a small risk of infections, it’s minimal, but it’s not zero. A rare side effect is clumping or a palpable filler. Even rarer and a worst case scenario: If the injection is deeper than it should be and hyaluronic acid accidentially is injected into a blood vessel, this may result in a necrosis, the death of tissue. Again, make sure to only let a qualified plastic surgeon with a proven track record do this, in a professional, sterile environment.

While the overall risk is relatively low, the costs are high, the usual price for a penis head augmentation is starting at about $2500 and can go up to $6000, depending on the location and reputation of the clinic or surgeon. So, far from inexpensive, especially since the medium resorption time of the filler is about a year. The glans will return to its original state and size after a year, repeating the injections is not a problem, but the effect is never permanent.

A quick and effective way to gain about 20-25% of glans volume, but long term a permanent enlargement by training is certaily more cost effective. Since the glans filler injections are a pretty new technique, there aren’t any long term experiences concerning negative side effects of multiple injections on this nerves of the glans.