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We are trying to collect as many answers and facts about penis enlargement as possible, but certainly we can’t cover all questions. The following reputable sites offer additional advice for men and are trusted sources of information, we checked them all and they are really helpful. In case we missed a great resource, please let us know and we’ll add it here.

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“Penis-enlargement products: do they work?” official MayoClinic statement by Todd B. Nippoldt, M.D.

UARC (Utilization Review Accreditation Commission, non-profit organization) directory of accredited organizations

Below you find a short overview of the most popular training programs, their advantages and disadvantages.

Penis Advantage was the first ever penis enlargement training program, it’s been around for more than a decade and was constantly improved. I personally like it a lot, the look is a little old fashioned, the website isn’t really nice, but it contains a bunch of solid information, proven techniques, and will give you results. Penis Advantage is available for a one time free and can’t be downloaded, probably to avoid people sharing illegal copies. No problem anyway, it can comfortably be accessed from any device, no matter if your desktop, tablet or mobile phone. PA also covers other common male problems like premature ejaculation, sexually transmitted diseases and all the stuff a sexually active man is interested in to make women more happy in bed. All information is well structured in a total of 15 chapters: Measuring, growth recording, pre-workout considerations, safety tips, warm-up, PC muscle, stretching exercises, jelqing exercises, lubricants, wet milking, dry milking and more. The workout section is divided in beginner exercises, standard workout and advanced workout, plus special exercises for lasting longer and getting stranger erections. Absolutely worth the money, the advanced exercises alone have 11 sub-chapters. Disadvantages? The design of the whole site is really old and never changed, the members section doesn’t look better. Don’t expect a shiny video course and similar, the is pure condensed information, presented in an optically very spartan style. Like all programs sold via Clickbank is comes with a 60 days money back guarantee, if you don’t see results or don’t like Penis Advantage for other reasons. Make sure to take your time to read everything, this program works, but only if you do the exercises correctly and more than once a week. It requires discipline, like workouts in the gym, success has to be earned.

Penis Enlargement Bible by John Collins is a more modern program, also strictly focuses and exercises that are proven to give you results, but with a holistic overall approach, including supplements and food that can make your training more effective. A little harder to follow, because the suggested diet is pretty strict. The exercises will work without eating the stuff John Collins suggests, but really trying to change your lifestyle will bring them to a whole new level of effectiveness. In contrast to PA, PEBible is available as an e-book you can download to any computer or device, so you can use it in offline mode as well. I personally printed it, because I prefer reading something printed on paper instead of using my tablet, but it’s a matter of personal taste. My overall is impression is that PEBible gives you a little faster results than the classic hard-gainer approach, but it requires additional investment in special food and/or supplements to increase the DHT level in you body. Comes with the usual 60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Last but not least, there is Penis Enlargement Remedy by Tom Chadow, only 2 years old to my knowledge, using a new scientifically proven approach to increase the stem cell production of your own body for maximum effectiveness of all exercises. Many men don’t know about it, it’s my secret favorite and gave me the extra growth I badly wanted. The website looks a little strange and rather plain, it starts with a quiz to specify your expectations and goals, but the product itself is a 63 page e-book with condensed and precise information. The only disadvantage: You have to buy two special supplements (you can buy everywhere) to trigger and stimulate the stem cell growth, without it won’t be more effective than PA or PEBible. Great if you are looking for something easy to follow, it focuses on the exercises that work best for growth in length and girth, less variation than Penis Advantage or Penis Enlargement Bible, but at the end it’s about results only, not a high number of different exercises. This one also comes with the no strings attached 60 money back guarantee by Clickbank.

Quick Comparison Chart

Penis AdvantagePenis Enlargment BiblePenis Enlargement Remedy
Many exercises, especially for advanced users.Variety of exercises, especially for intermediate users.Small number of exercises, especially for beginners.
No supplements required.Single active substance supplement and diet required. No combination supplements.Single active substance supplements required. No combination supplements.
No download, can be accessed online from any device. Unlimited members area access.E-book download in PDF format. Unlimited members area access.E-book download in PDF format. Unlimited members area access.
Published by an UK company, no further details published.Published by John Collins.Published by Tom Candow.
No usage of penis pills, stretchers or pumps.No usage of penis pills, stretchers or pumps.No usage of penis pills, stretchers or pumps.
Guaranteed results, money back guarantee for 60 days. Guaranteed results, money back guarantee for 60 days. Guaranteed results, money back guarantee for 60 days.

The final Scores:

I’d personally rate Penis Advantage 8/10, Penis Enlargement Bible 9/10 and Penis Enlargement Remedy a flawless 10/10. Certainly depends on personal taste, in contrast to pills or stretches they all work well and cost much less. Each of them helped thousands of them to realize their dream of a bigger penis and better sex life. They all have a reliable lifetime customer service, in case you have any specific questions or problems to understand certain details of the guides, you can always send an email and get an answer.

Is getting all 3 of them at once overkill? Certainly a bit, parts of them overlap, but I wanted to get the most complete overview possible and test what works best for me personally. All of them together still cost less than a crappy extender or 3 months worth of pills, so it’s not a huge investment for finally being happy with my penis size after many years of frustration.

If you only want to go for one of them, I’d go for PER, because it’s the easiest to follow, no complicated exercises and fast results. They all rock, but in my opinion it is a little easier to understand and follow than the other two. At the end of the day, you’ll only be successful if you stick to the program and PER is really beginner friendly without being less effective.

Are there any other guides?

I didn’t find any that remotely reaches the quality level of the three described above. There are a few books available on Amazon via the self published model, but they are very basic and only contain loads of general information about male health and the penis most of us are familiar with anyway, they aren’t real guides or programs you can follow. Feel free to waste a few bucks to see yourself, but I can guarantee you’ll end up buying PA, PEB or PER because they are the only reputable ones.

A little additional warning: Some people think they are smart and try to find illegal copies of the programs available as PDF files on torrent sites or download sites. Like the spam mails with dangerous attachments you’ll often find in your mailbox, all those illegal copies are infested with trojans, viruses, root kits or similar malware/malicious software. Chances are high that you’ll end up formatting your hard-drive and having to re-install your operating system if you open illegal copies, more on this topic can be found on the Sophos Security website. Do yourself a favor, don’t try this just to save $50. Always get them from the official websites and let the guys who invested countless hours in research, development and testing feed their families.

What are realistic results to expect?

You won’t do an exercise today and have a larger penis tomorrow. Like I already mentioned, it’s like building muscles or losing weight, you have to be motivated, actually do the exercises exactly like described. They aren’t painful, they aren’t complicated, they don’t require any special devices, it doesn’t matter if you are 20 or 80 years old, they are for everybody. You just have to take action. After a few weeks, you will see a significant and measurable growth. After gaining about 2 inches, results become slower, don’t stop at this point, don’t be disappointed if you don’t see the same growth you saw in earlier weeks, keep exercising. My total growth so far is 3,6 inches in erect state after 11 months, I did my exercises almost daily, but had a few lazy weeks, too. Not a problem, the results are permanent, so if you decide to pause and stop, your penis won’t shrink again, it will keep the size you reached forever.

Are there any discounts, coupons or cashbacks for these programs?

No, there aren’t any, even if you will find plenty of ads for coupons and a bunch of sites promising cashbacks. These are no offical discounts, meaning you would have to send sensible personal data like name, transactions number, etc. to some unknown third party, hoping they’ll really give you the promised bonus, cashback, or whatever after the 60 day money back period is over. Unfortunately, all of these third party special offers were pure scam when I had a closer look at them. You are giving away your personal data, risk identity theft, risk blackmailing, risk being put on some spam advertising list and if the offer doesn’t live up to it’s promises, there is nothing you can do because it’s no official coupon code or cashback. Like the illegal downloads, save yourself the headaches, choose the safe route and simply pay the official price everybody is paying.

2 thoughts on “Sources and Training Programs

  1. Ramon

    Ramon here. I just wanted to say thanks, I got PER because you said it’s good for beginners and it is indeed. Easy to understand and value for money. Do you think I should exercise a little more than Tom recommends?

    1. SPE Post author

      Hi Ramon,

      now, that’s what we want, happy customers and visitors 🙂 Do not overdo exercises, stick to Tom’s recommendations, he knows a lot about PE and it’s like exercises in the gym: The key is continuity, too much training does more harm than good, you can’t force enlargement, it’s a process that requires time. Feel free to give us feedback once you see the first results, your motivations seems to be really high and that’s a perfect prerequisite for success!


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