How can I Increase My Libido?

Sex drive often slowly becomes lower the older you get, it’s not a phenomenon affecting everybody, but especially men over 40 often experience decreasing libido. While this is usually nothing to worry about from the medical point of view, with a few exceptions, it can affect your sex life seriously or even endanger long term relationships, especially if you don’t want any sex at all.

What affects my interest in sex?

There are various factors influencing the male libido, especially the testosterone levels. The older you get, the lower your testosterone level becomes. Low testosterone also has negative effects on your overall fitness and performance. A simple blood test can reveal if you are suffering from abnormally low testosterone levels and there are quite a few ways to increase them with gels or special supplements.

Some medications can also cause a lower sex drive, e.g. many blood pressure medications and antidepressants. In case you are taking these medications, don’t stop taking them, but ask your doctor for alternatives. Especially for the treatment of high blood pressure and depressions there is quite a big choice of slightly different medications, but finding the perfect one controlling the problem with minimal side effects may require some time and trial and error. Again, this is something only your doctor can properly assess, never try to experiment with medications on your own.

In contrast to common believe, alcohol is a huge libido killer as well, even in small amounts. It doesn’t increase your desire to have sex, but lowers it.

Additionally, your lifestyle influences the libido as much as the penis health in general. Sleep is very important for your body to regenerate, not enough sleep and too much stress also lower your hormone levels.

Often, there isn’t one single reason causing a drop in libido, but a combination of several factors. Many extra hours and stress at the job, not enough sleep, unhealthy food and irregular eating, not enough sports, a pretty typical live of a mid-age man with a job and children. While a little drop during the darker winter months compared to the sunny summer is perfectly normal and everybody sometimes suffers from a lower sex drive for a few weeks, you should see a doctor if this lasts for a long time or slowly but steadily gets worse.

How often do I have to want or have sex?

As long as you are healthy, you don’t have to have sex at all. It depends on you and your partner. There are couples having sex several times a day, once a week, once a month. There are even asexual or nonsexual people who don’t like sex at all. The problem starts if you and your partner have a totally different sex drive that doesn’t match well. Depending on the severity of the problem, a couple therapy can be an additional viable option. Interesting statistics: According to a  long term study from 1989 to 2014, the happiest couples have sex once a week, so high frequency doesn’t automatically results in happiness.

Are there any supplements or medications to increase my libido?

There is a huge choice of supplements advertised as libido boosters, unfortunately many of them have to be categorized as scam offers. Low libido requires finding the causes, compensation with special foods or supplements is almost impossible. Out society tends to try to solve all kinds of problems with just a pill, but symptomatic treatment is rarely a real solution, especially if eliminating the causes is possible without too much effort.

Some people claim homeopathy or even collodial gold can help, but while both have become pretty popular in the last decades, there isn’t a single scientific proof that there is an effect apart from the placebo effect. It’s not an imaginary effect, the placebo effect can even lead to actual physical and hormonal changes, but it requires really believing that something works and is not a reliable treatment.

The same is true for the abundace of herbal remedies, supplements and boosters. They contain herbs like ginkgo biloba or yohimbine that are rumored to help increase libidio, but may also have side effects and should never be taken without advice of a medical professional and prior examination. Questionable pills with questionable results, so staying away is the best recommendation, no matter how desperate you want them to have an effect.

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