How to find the best penis enlargement surgeons or clinics?

While penis enlargement is in strong demand, only few men actually decide to undergo surgical treatment. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) there is a steady increase of the number of surgeries per year, but the total number is still in the low five digits worldwide.

This means only few surgeons really have done a significant number of penis enlargement surgeries and have superior experience, something you absolutely want to make sure of if surgical penile augmentation is an option for you. All know surgical techniques require excellent knowledge and hands on experience to avoid complications and bad results.

What qualification is required for a penis enlargement surgeon?

Make sure your surgeon is qualified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons (ABPS), next to a doctor degree in medicine and several years on experience as a general surgeon, this requires a special several years extra qualification, which includes cosmetic as well as reconstructive  surgical techniques.  In contrast to common belief, this certification as a plastic surgeon is much stricter in requirements than the one to become a cosmetic surgeon. You can read more about the difference here, the one year American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS) is not comparable to the experience a “real” plastic surgeon has to acquire. There are similar qualifications in other countries, always make sure to do some own research upfront. Qualification and popularity are different, because someone is invited to a TV show as a medical expert or featured in a press article doesn’t automatically mean he or she is the best or has most experience.

Keep in mind that every patient and every surgery is a little different. Don’t pay too much attention to before and after pictures published on the website of a doctor, clinic or hospital. While these images can be helpful, they are just examples and should be treated as such. They proof that an exceptionally good result may be possible, but they aren’t a promise that you can expect the same result.

Which plastic surgeons do you recommend?

I certainly don’t know every expert in penile augmentation surgery, but there are a few with a really good reputation and long term experience, including:

  1. Dr. Christoph Jethon from the German Center for Urology and Phalloplasty Surgery, three clinics (Emma Private Hospital Seligenstadt in Germany, Alice Hospital Darmstadt in Germany, Clinica Juaneda Palma de Mallorca in Spain),
  2. Dr. David Shafer from the Shafer Plastic Surgery & Laser Center Manhattan, New York in the USA
  3. Dr. James Elist private practice Beverly Hills, California in the USA,
  4. Dr. Larry Fan from 77 Plastic Surgery San Francisco, California in the USA,
  5. Dr. Steven Morganstern from the Morganstern Medical Clinic Atlanta, Georgia in the USA,
  6. Dr. Cameron Bowman from the Fairview Plastic Surgery Centre Vancouver in Canada,
  7. Professor Colin Moore from the Australian Centre For Cosmetic/Genital Surgery Neutral Bay in Australia,

Isn’t low cost surgery abroad an option?

Penis enlargement surgery is expensive, but cheap offers from clinics in second or third world countries always come at a risk. This mostly underestimated is language, if you can’t communicate properly with your surgeon, chances the result doesn’t match your expectations are high. There is a reason for the high price, education and experience don’t come free, the better the qualification of your surgeon, the lower the overall risks. In addition, the medical standard in the US, Canada, Australia and Western Europe are significantly higher than for example in Venezuela and Brazil. Doesn’t mean they have bad doctors only, but playing safe isn’t wrong. Also make sure to consider non-surgical, natural penis enlargement as first option.

How to pay for surgical penis enlargement?

There are several options if you can’t afford to pay for surgery which isn’t covered by health insurance instantly. Many surgeons offer own payment plans and if you are lucky and get a fixed 0% APR offer from your credit card company, that’s great. Always calculate with annual rates, 1% a month may not sound much, but it still sums up to 12% a year. Stay away from any home equity loans (HELOC) or 401(k) loans on your retirement account since these have significant disadvantages as far as taxes are concerned.

There are also companies specialized in cosmetic surgery and general health related credits, trustworthy ones include CareCredit or myMedicalLoan by lendingUSA in the US, Medicard and CreditMedical in Canada, Medipay in Australia for example. Longer terms always mean higher APR, keep this in mind, you can save significantly if you choose a 12 or 24 month plan, especially if you have a look for promotional offers versus a 60 months plan with APR rates as high as 17% which means you pay almost double the amount the surgery costs (60 months = 5 years, 5×17%=85% in total.)

Maybe your family is willing to lend some money? It may be a little unusual to lend money for a penis enlargement surgery, but nevertheless it saves a lot of hassles and money you’d have to pay to a bank, credit card company or financing partner.

What are the risks of penis enlargement surgery?

This special surgery comes with the same general risks every surgery has: Complications related to anesthesia, infections, bleeding, blood clots causing a deep vain thrombosis or even a stroke or heart attack, finally death. The individual risks vary widely depending on existing health conditions, your age and various factors. While many of those risks are really low, low doesn’t mean zero.

A sad example is Israeli-Belgian billionare and diamond trader Ehud Arye Laniado. He died from a heart attack in March 2019 at the age of only 65 during a penis enlargement surgery in Paris, France. The reason wasn’t the procedure itself, it was a reaction to the anesthesia noone was able to predict. Another death related to penis enlargement is an unknown man from Sweden who died from a lung embolism during an autologous fat transfer to his penis in early 2017. He was 30 years old and healthy,

Just keep this in mind before undergoing a sugery that isn’t necessary from a purely medical point of view. Cases like Mr. Laniado show that even the best doctors and specialists money can buy can’t guarantee 100% safety, so opting for non-invasive methods, if possible and surgery isn’t the only way to help, should always be a consideration.

4 thoughts on “How to find the best penis enlargement surgeons or clinics?

  1. Samantha Horvath

    I would love to let my boyfriend know that there are things he can do about his extremely small penis. He’s very self conscious and it would
    bring us both a much happier Sex life

    1. Dr. Webby Post author

      Hi Samantha,

      honesty is an essential part of a good relationship, so you should let him know. This is a sensible topic to talk about for a man, but ignoring facts isn’t an option, too.

  2. Edward Yaman

    I feel girth in the shaft and penis head are option I want to explore. Any help? $5000 is one thing $15,000 is another. Thank-you.

    1. Dr. Webby Post author

      Hi Edward, unfortunately we can’t give you any specific advice on surgery, you may want to contact one of the mentioned surgeons who all have an excellent reputation. Cost is an issue, but regarding the fact that the penis is a really sensitive organ, going for a cheap option in a third world country is not recommended. Also, you may want to try non-invasive methods before opting for surgery, which should be the last resort.

      Good luck on your journey!


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