Hydromax Hydropump Review and Results

The Bathmate, X30 and X40 series from Hydromax are the new generation of penis enlargement pumps and as the name implies, they are made for usage in water, no matter if in the shower or the bathtub. In contrast to regular penis pumps, they don’t use a conventional vacuum, but warm water for maximum effectiveness. Although gains are primarily in girth/circumference and less in length compared to other penis enlargement methods like jelquing or exercises in general, it’s the only pump delivering permanent and safe results without any side effects or negative influence on penis health.


Are the different versions of the Hydromax pump?

Yes, quite a few, available in different colors. The older models are the “Bathmate Hercules” and “Bathmate Goliath“, which only differ in length and girth. The Hercules is 7 inches in length and 6.5 inches in girth while the Goliath is 10 inches in length and 9 inches in girth. These differences don’t make the Goliath more effective, it’s just meant for men who already have quite a big penis and want to go for additional enlargement.

Same with the models X30 and X40, the X40 is simply larger. 7 inches compared to 8 inches in length, 6.5 inches compared to 8 inches in girth. They are the next generation of Hydromax pumps, including some serious improvements:

  • A new bellows pump mechanism for more pumping power, up to 35%
  • A new soft comfort pad that ensures a better fit, so less suction is lost. It’s removable, but really recommended
  • The pump can be rotated while used, no removing to watch the scale
  • A new Superflow latch valve. That’s the best improvement, since it enables you to use the pump with one hand and solves the leaking problem the older models sometimes had.
  • Last but not least, there is finally a new mesuring scale that shows inches and cm, no need to convert measure any more.

Finally, there is the top of the line Xtreme series, the Xtreme X30 (XX30) and Xtreme X40 (XX40). They are the same as the regular X30 and X40, but with a slightly different new valve, an additional handball pump and a huge accessory kit including.
To be honest, I’d go for the standard X30 or X40 depending on your penis size. The handball pump is nice, but definitely not a must have, except for real expert users who want to maximize results. The accessories are good, too, but a carry case, cleaning sponge, lube, a measuring gauge and shower strap are stuff you could easily buy elsewhere, too, probably at a little lower price.

Which size to pick? Easy: In the first order step after picking your preferred model, there is a little form where you can enter your erect (important, not flaccid!) length and girth  to get a recommendations. Especially if you are built a little smaller, picking the big version isn’t the best choice, since the smaller one will fit better and is a little cheaper.

So far, there is no second generation replacement for the Goliath model, so if you already have a big penis and want to use a hydropump, you either have to accept the little leaking that sometimes occurs with the Goliath or wait for the new X50 model which is rumored to be released in 2015.

Do Hydromax penis pumps really work, do they deliver results?

Yes, they do, although the increase in mainly in girth. The video below shows you why: In contrast to exercises, the corpus cavernosum which fills with more blood during an erection isn’t stretched in length, but fills with more blood than usual thanks to the water base suction. Over time, this effect slowly but steadily becomes permanent. At the beginning, it will be gone after a few hours, but after a few weeks you can expect a permanent enlargement of at least 1 inch in girth and about 1 inch in length. That’s a personal result, other may see bigger gains, but still great for a pump that costs a lot less than a few months of worthless pills. Advertising says up to 3 inches gain in length.

You don’t need much time, no need to wear it for hours like the usual painful and often dangerous extenders, just 15 minutes a day are enough. That’s one of the main advantages in my opinion, I don’t want to wear any strange stretcher that looks and feels like some ancient tortute device in my pants at work. I want to enlarge at home and have fun doing so, without any pain or unpleasant feeling.

Why is water more effective and safer than air?

Air based classic vacuum pumps aren’t made for penis enlargement, they are medical devices for men suffering from ED (erectile dysfunction), men who are unable to get an erection without a pump. ED pumps are used on the flaccid penis only and create a very strong vacuum to push as much blood into the penis as possible in a short time to create an erection, because they are usually used right before having sex. Using them longer than a few minutes can cause serious problems, e.g. a thrombosis. Water pumps exclusively made for penis enlargement, the principle is similar, but they are made for prolonged usage. In addition, the warm water makes it easier for the blood to circulate.

Using an normal vacuum ED pump for penis enlargement would be like lifting heavy weights when preparing for a marathon, it’s simply the wrong training and won’t deliver the right results, but possibly loads of unwanted side effects.


Where to buy Hydromax hydropumps? Is there a discount available?

The best way to buy and Hydromax pump and make sure you get a real one and no fake $20 pump from China is ordering right from the official manufacturer website. You won’t find any cheaper offers elsewhere, at least not for an original unused one. Be very careful with websites offering you any bonus or discount that’s not listed on the official website, there sites often ask for sensible personal information and may even scam you or steal your identity. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, make sure to buy you Hydromax or Bathmate hydropump from OfficialHydromaxPump.com which is the one and only real Hydromax and Bathmate website on the net.

Again: There are no publically available valid coupon codes, don’t bother searching for them, because all those sites pretending to offer discounts like $69 off or $86 off will only redirect you to copycat websites selling inferior products. You can easily identify them as fakes because these shops totally lack the professional design of the original store and often sell other stuff like pills the manufacturer would never sell.

Is a hydropump easy to use?

Applying the pump is as easy as masturbating, because it’s pretty much the same thing you have done thousands of times with your hand. Fill pump with water, put your penis in the pump, push it down a few times, that’s it. There is nothing you can do wrong, no complicated mechanism like an extender, it doesn’t matter if you penis is short or long, bent or straight. My only recommendation for usage: Shave your public hair if you don’t do it already. The comfort pad gives you a tighter seal against your body this way, so no water can flow in once you pumped it out via the valve. To release your hydropump, simply push the valve on the top. Simple? Yes!