New study from 2019 exposes huge risks of several penis enlargement methods

New it’s official. Most penis enlargement methods are dangerous and ineffective. For the very first time, scientists did a systematic review of surgical and non-surgical interventions for penis enlargement, including surgery and injections into the penis, e.g. oil or silicone based.  A total of 17 studies was reviewed and combined. While these studies often weren’t perfect and didn’t meet all scientific standards, the results are more than alarming.

First extenders, initially invented to straighten a deformed penis, were looked at. While the complication rate wasn’t extraordinary high, the results were pretty frustrating: The average size increase, even after prolonged used, was less than 1 inch in flaccid size with a similar increase in erect size. In one word: ineffective. Pumps working with vacuum showed a similar picture, few risks but little results.

Second were injections to increase girth, which showed high effectiveness, but the highest complication rate of all methods. This matches recent reports about an epidemic of penis enlargement injections gone wrong in Papua New Guinea. Officials even talk about a national health crises caused by these injections.

Third, penis surgery was reviewed. While some men reported good results and a significant increase in size, others didn’t and the overall rate of complications was second highest. The real problem you are facing is a lack of validated techniques, even experienced surgeons apply techniques they personally tested and invented, but there are no medical standard procedures for this kind of surgery. So, outcome is often comparable to the roll of a dice, cost of often horrendous and the scientists even went as far as calling it: “Unethical outside of clinical trials.

Unfortunately there was no review of jelquing or exercise programs, they were not reviewed in a proper scientific way so far, although the results of this meta-study from 2019 suggest similar results to the use of extenders or other pulling devices that rely on stretching the penis.

The best approach found was counseling, talking to an expert. Since the review found that most men looking for penis enlargement don’t really have a small penis, but think their penis is too small, psychological help and independent consultation often solves a problem that’s doesn’t exist.