Penis Sizes Worldwide – An Analysis

We have the penis size distribution in the US covered with the data from an extensive study, but what about the rest of the world? Are there any regional differences? Are the prejudices many have about penis size and race really true?

Yes, there are differences by country and continent and they are bigger than you would probably assume, according to the worldwide survey by the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland that collected data from BPEL  (bone pressed erect length) not self-measured studies from a total of 116 countries.  Let’s start with the classic racial bias. We may wish it wouldn’t be true, but according to the biggest ever done worldwide penis survey, the data backs up what many think and urban myths claim.

Size Map by NathanWolf

Among the countries with the biggest average erect penis size, there are 19 countries in Africa in the Top 50, 8 of them in the Top 20, with the Democratic Republic of Congo being #1 with an average of 7.06 inches. Of course there are exceptions, Morocco scores rank 49 with 5.92 inches, Tunisia is #51 and Ethiopia even #89. More surprising maybe, South America is totally dominating the Top 10, Ecuador #2, Colombia #3, Venezuela #4, Bolivia #6, Brazil #8 and Haiti on #10 with 6.93 to 6.30 inches.

At the bottom of the list, there are 15 countries in Asia. While North Korea and South Korea may have their political differences, they are already united in penis size, an average of 3.80 inches at the bottom of the list.

UK and US are pretty close together, but both in the lower quarter of the list, #79 and #96.

Keep in mind the regional data does not account the average depth and width of vaginas worldwide, which also varies by region with an obvious correlation to the average penis size in the specific country. In contrast to penile size, there are no extensive and verified measurement studies, just vague average numbers hinting to 4.5 inches on worldwide average (not stretched, the upper part of the vagina is highly flexible).

All those numbers in the ranking are way below the in unofficial world record by a man in Mexico. According to the press, his penis is 18.9 inches long. No reason for envy, he suffered all his life from his unnaturally huge penis, he was never able to find a woman and was diagnosed serious depression caused by the shocked reaction of potential sexual partners and erectile problems caused by his giant manhood. A sad story that proofs being average isn’t the worst thing.